Friday, August 2, 2002

Perry C.

There is legitimate discussion and disagreement about the superiority of Bennett over Sinatra and Como. If one is TRULY literate in the world of song and music, there is no question that the San Fran boy is clearly superior AS A SINGER.

His clarity of interpretation, his interpretation, his timing, his choice of songs all put him out in front of the other two undoubtedly talented artists. But his superiority -technical as it is-- is limited strictly to the professional world of making a buck and pleasing the public. Once, one enters into the world of moral class, intelligence and personal integrity, the gap-- no, chasm--becomes enormous. This is in reference to the beautiful personality and character and faith and sensitivity of none other than Perry C.

Here is a man who can truly be called a "beautiful human being". His family life, his treatment of his colleagues, his humility, his true joy in living. I prefer not (except by innuendo) to assess the other two. Frank S. was indeed a masterful performer. And I have personally enjoyed his work for so many years. Yet, enjoyment of skill is quite different from classifying a person as admirable and worthy of imitation. One of the advantages of having had a Thomistic background is that one can make necessary distinctions without damage to any aspect of a person’s being which is indeed wonderful and relaxing. (I even enjoy Tony’s pronunciation of Her as "huh")

But do not ask me to classify Tony B. as my favorite human being. I understand that some of the schmucks of history have been rather good at what they do in some areas. Even the supreme schmuck of all time,(Adolph of Austria) wrote some kind of drivel which became a huge best seller--called Mein Kampf. I do not see the need to place him at the top of history’s personalities. He was a stinker and a bum but he did have a best seller.

So, Tony baby, keep turning out the great songs. But for personal inspiration give me Perry C. and his loose fitting sweater and his heartfelt rendition of "Because."

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