Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The First Nine Months of the Obama Administration - My Impressions

When Barack Hussein Obama was elected in November, 2008, my first reaction was one of delight in that our Country could finally put to rest the shibboleth that a Black could never be elected President. We had elected a Catholic to that high office and walked taller for it. Now we said, Jews and Blacks and Women. Obama was bright and likeable, possessing a spectacular gift for public speaking and stated concern for the “little guy.” I had a few repressed intuitional fears but I thought “ Give him a chance beyond the classic honeymoon period. Let’s move on…!” Let us forget what skin color he has. Let’s judge him on his actions! Is he white? Or black? Who cares? My immediate question was: What kind of leader is he?

I remember that Secretary Eagleberger of a previous administration had labeled him (before the election) a charlatan. I remember Dennis Miller, the radio talk show host had joked: “To call him (Obama) an empty suit is to insult the clothing industry.” I remember the African American author, Shelby Steele cautioning us that Obama was all flowery generalities with little specificity. I remember hearing all kinds of warnings that he was inexperienced in foreign affairs, that he was a near Socialist, and the most liberal Senator in the Senate, that he had very thin knowledge/experience of running any organization, that he had little interest in building national defense, that he was a Giant Government advocate, that he was for redistributing personal holdings, that he was soft on extremist Muslims, that he came from a questionable religious background, that his early life was a strongly protected mystery, that he was Pro-abortion even pro late term abortion and on and on. But—I insisted—Give him a chance. He eloquently promises much after the ordeals of a wearying war, a threatening economic state and a President who fumbled on his words. Fresh. New. Young. Promising healthy change! Go for it, Hussein!

What happened?

Little by little it became uncomfortably clear to me that this man is an American disaster! How did I get so snowed? I am reasonably intelligent. I have a Ph.D. in Psych. I have taught college level for many years. I think and keep up with current events. How did I get so confused? If so for me then how much more for those Americans who respond with a knee jerk obedience to either a Party line or to “pretty” words delivered with a pre planned smoothness and confident tilted chin! Even those Americans who have a profound wish to be of help to the “underdog” whatever form he assumes.

My initial uneasiness, coming from somewhere deep within me, had centered on Obama’s view of abortion. He voted always with the Pro-abortion group even voting against saving the life of an unwanted child who survives a botched attempt to send him to the trash can. He seemed to be open to rational discussion about this fundamental aspect of life. He seemed to be fair—until he pulled the same disingenuity even with the Pope when he promised to work to limit abortions in the USA. A week after meeting with the Pontiff I was told he was preparing to sign a Presidential decree making funding abortion practically mandatory. All with public monies. I became more uneasy when I heard Dr. Charles Krauthammer, psychiatrist turned public commentator, refer to Obama as a “classic narcissist”. Kraut hammer urged us to judge the President on what he does and not on what he says. So I looked and was aghast at what was right under my “nose.”

It had been loudly trumpeted that , in compliance with a promise he made to NARAL, that the first ting he would do , would be to sign into law the infamous FOCA act which would remove all restrictions on abortion. NARAL was strangely quiet during the Health care debate. There was a reason for this reverential hush. All they could wish for in making abortion completely unrestricted was already in the Bill. There was no need for them to do anything. Yet Obama smiled and talked of a rational common ground for this evil. Compromise? Can one be Half pregnant?

Some of my colleagues in religion and psychotherapy speak of how brilliant he has been so far. I am astonished. Brilliant? I found some of his behavior either stupid or terrifying. His meeting with the Queen of England was, in my view, naïve and clumsy, making Harry Truman look like Beau Brummel when he attended the then young Queen. Why did he have to make a grovel-like gesture before the King of Saudi Arabia? Or the Emperor of Japan? Why praise the Marxist Ortega? Why kiss Socialists Chavez on the cheek? Why endorse Socialist Morales of Bolivia? Why this repulsive apologizing for America? What benefit does the USA gain from his adolescent need to be loved by the World? How is human tolerance and forbearance furthered by his rolled up shirt sleeves/ beer-drink scene with the boys –with careful pre planning of the inevitable camera ?

In fact, I am embarrassed at his naiveté in dealing with seasoned and pragmatic world leaders. I feel we are a laughing stock behind the closed doors of diplomacy! His Nobel Peace “Prize” is a farce. He is awarded an egotist’s bone. Not for what he has already done but rather for some Christ-like feat he might hopefully do in the future! Further, he is becoming—to me—more mean spirited when I see his reluctance to praise others who are not his lap dogs. The “Surge” which ultimately set us winning in Iraq can never get his approval. It came from the plans of others. He seems utterly incapable of listening openly to others. He goes completely berserk when others blatantly criticize him. Fox News which broke many of the corruptions of his administration has become an obsession with him. When there is a White House meeting for Media, everyone is invited except Fox News But during his campaign he boasted that his groups would be transparent and open to all. He is a boy-man way out of his league but still titillating young women and still cheerleading as if he were campaigning for state senator! After the election, he states in an interview on Television (which I have filed on my computer) that he is grateful that, during the campaign, John McCain didn’t not bring up the matter of “…my Moslem Faith.” Transparency? Moslem? He has as the right, under God and elsewhere, to adopt any Faith he chooses—or none at all. But in the face of his oft repeated promise of transparency in his administration, his disingenuous behavior in this and other areas becomes a real characterological flaw. It further annoying to be duped again by smooth talk which is really hiding “something else.”

Even granting that the previous administration was responsible for some of the contemporary financial mess, he has doubled the national debt. Is there ever an end to his school boy practice of blaming some one else for his woes? Did he have anything to do with the sad state of economic affairs we now face? No uneasiness for him yet he urges more and more trillions/ burden for the future. We were told that unless Congress passed his Trillion dollar Stimulus Bill, our economy would falter worse than in 1929.So we tremblingly passed his Bill. Result? Almost nothing. Don’t bother to read it, he says. Just pass it. He promised unemployment would never go beyond 8%. It is now at least 10.2% Trust me, he says, and in effect. I know better. Further, why does he terminate our new missile system after North Korea launched an ICBM? Our European allies are troubled. Many American patriots are troubled. Why does he so act ? Why? Why?

Why am I so troubled about his association with people who represent what is abhorrent to me? A rhetorical question! Van Jones, a near Communist? Lloyd, my namesake who advocates repression of a free press? And Ayers, the bomber terrorist, who attempted to destroy American life and American property. Pastor Wright who bellows in a church service God damn America and reiterates the same message everywhere he goes? And Obama after sitting on front of this rabble rouser for twenty years claims he never heard such talk! He has divided the country, probably into worse racism than before. He has terrified Citizens about their future—especially for their children’ s future.

My simplistic naiveté of last November exists no longer. And apparently it is the same for multitudes of Americans. On November 3rd of this year two State Governors favored by Obama have been defeated by the people at the polls. An unknown Conservative, a meek looking accountant, in the 23rd Cong. District of upstate New York came out of nowhere and almost defeated the Obama-like incumbent. After a squeaker which had the Liberal Democrats tweaking their noses at the prospect of a defeat by an uncharismatic, politically inexperienced Conservative, the message has gone out. Americans are beginning to see something. To wit! Even his beloved Health care project came hobbling through a Congressional vote of 220 to 215! A squeaker for sure. Jobs mean little to him, apparently, as does the fate of our beloved men and women overseas fighting to protect our way of life.

His own hand picked top General, in the field in Afghanistan,, urgently requests more troops and the President, the military Commander in chief ,“dithers” for four months without a decision. With the military situation worsening and our fighting people becoming more and more stressed and vulnerable.. His limited political history has shown that he is a fence sitter. Like any classic narcissist he wants to look good to everyone. However, Americans are beginning to speak up. But he cares not. He has total power and plans to use it his way. Polls show that more and more Americans disapprove of his mode of handling the country. His approval ratings plummet. Damn the people. Full speed ahead to Socialism!

Incidentally, Sarah Palin is not completely wrong when she speaks of “Death panels”. It is debatable what he really feels but it looks like the old and the terminally ill are apparently disposable in his eyes. The carefully worded handbooks in VA hospitals insinuate “oldies” might be sacrificed in favor of younger ones who can contribute more to society! How this bothers my deep rooted and inflexible feeling that all human life at any stage is precious and is to be protected---by any means available!

Don’t give me rhetoric and classy phrases, Mr. President. Do something. Something American. Most of all, get out of my way. Let me fare for myself. I don’t want your political fish. I want my own fishing rod without inappropriate interference from you. Let me bless my God and be proud of my Country, both historically and currently. Go back to Chicago, Hussein, and do your Un American ward heeling there.

[1] This is so unlike me who trusts his own initial instincts or “gut" reaction.