Saturday, January 18, 2003

Sexual Behaviour Outside of Marriage

Ok this is a presentation on the Catholic church’s official teaching on sexual behaviour outside of marriage defined as a sacramental union between a man and a woman (or in the cases of unbaptized persons of a non-sacramental nature)

Basically the Church teaches and holds as a part of the ordinary position of the teaching magisterium that ANY kind of sexual behaviour (even as sketchily defined by the Clinton type minds) is wrong and immoral and displeasing to the Lord. Much of this behaviour is described in the Hebrew tradition as Toevah or disgusting.

Certainly, this position is unpopular with the narcissistic contemporary person who has been raised to believe that he/she has the right to immediate and unrestricted gratification OF ANY KIND. This type of modern finds the notion of the Cross repugnant and offensive to freedom and the American spirit. Hence, he will necessarily see the Church’s position as intolerable and oppressive. Hence, he feels justified in his fury with the stance of the Holy Father and the Cardinal and Fr Harvey and any one else medieval enough to hold to the mainstream Judeo-Christian position.

It is important to note, however, that to a Catholic there is NO contradiction between insisting that homosexual behaviour is sinful before God but that the homosexual ORIENTATION is not. This is a practical application of the position of Jesus Himself Who teaches us to hate the sin BUT to love the sinner. This is what we believe we do when we follow the lead of Pope John Paul 2 and Cardinal O’Connor and the general tone of the Catholic moral teaching.

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