Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When I think of my own stance on life…….


hen I think of my own stance towards life, it is important for me to consider my own spiritual convictions. I believe in a merciful and loving God Who views me as His son. I firmly believe that He sent His own beloved Son, Jesus, for me and the whole human race.Even for the crummy, the nasty, the selfish, the coarse and the insensitive. I believe that He established His own beautiful, if sinful, organization called His church. That Church is not a museum of saints but a hospital for sinners! Such a humanistic attitude is symbolized by what I call the most significant ( if not most beautiful) church in the world !




hen one sees this magnificent masterpiece, one cannot but marvel at the wonders God has wrought ! I am very pleased that I am a catholic! And I believe the Holy Father's encyclical DOMINUS JESUS where it is written that the RC church is THE church in the whole world. No amount of fancy talk can get around the teaching. Some geek with an esoteric STD arrogantly says the Pope is mixed up ! But please, theologians, show me something like St Peter's in Rome. All you have is a capacity to 'bawl" Blowin' in the wind, on eagle's wings and Koombaya !





Was Jesus REALLY Jewish? I thought He was Irish—at least half Celtic!





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Anonymous said...

Hi Father I love to read your blog,
You are a truly amazing person an inspiration of what a True Priest is, or should be. I am Stan Tannen's Sister in Law, and remember when you married them, also baptized their Daughter Norma Helen Tannen. The light of Christ seems to shine so brightly from within you. I remember that the actor Jim Caviezel from The Passion Of The Christ, posed a similar question to Pope John Paul II, he said I always thought Jesus was Italian lived with his Mother hung out with his Friends, John Paul replied I thought he was Polish and laughed. It reminds one Of Pope Benedict stating in an interview when asked why he didn't address the problems of the church with regard to birth control abortion homosexuality. He responded I only had 20 minutes to speak and did not want The Church to be a series of No No No. He then said something to the effect that if we had more of a sense of humor we could fly like Angels. I Think Pope Benedict was quoting St.Augustine.